Sadly, we are afraid it is a myth that beaver, cub and scout leaders mysteriously appear from afar but most of the volunteers and leaders are almost always the parents of current children in the Group.

We have a very full Scout Group of about 60 at the moment and there is a waiting list for all three active sections, Beavers, Cubs and Scouts.

As with all Scout Packs the main reason why we have waiting lists is not because of the numbers of Beavers, Cubs or Scouts but because we continually need new parents to step forward and help in the running of the Sections and the Group. It may be possible for your young person to jump the waiting list if you would be willing to help in some way.

Most parents are encouraged to help by joining a weekly rota requiring attendance on around four meetings per year but this does not allow their child to jump the waiting list.

Other parents agree to become Instructors (in a skill which interests them such as camping, craft, sailing, hiking, first aid etc...) and attend for about 10-15 meetings per year and this usually succeeds in getting their child nearer the top of the waiting list.

Just recently, the children of several parents have jumped the waiting list completely by their parents becoming Assistant Leaders for a minimum of 30 meetings per year. We have an urgent need for a parent to become a leader for our Beaver Pack.

Another alternative for a parent who did not feel able to attend weekly at all is to join the Parents Management Committee (sometimes referred to as the Group Executive) whereby their child can join immediately too. The skills needed here are those of managing finance, secretarial work or running meetings of parents.

If you are able to volunteer as a Parent Helper, Assistant Leader or Section Leader then please let us know via email on the contact us page.

To join our waiting list please click here.